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UB Alumni breakfast meeting

Date: 13 August 2022

Venue: Bizim Tepe Istanbul

UB Alumni Event Istanbul_5.jpg

Alumni from the 1980s to 2021 had a chance to meet at a breakfast event at Bizim Tepe, Istanbul, organized by the UB Istanbul Alumni Chapter President Murat Soygeniş (M. Arch '85) with the support of  Mr. Wei-Loon Leong from the Office of Alumni Engagement at UB.

The event was a total success with all Alumni in attendance all saying that it was a welcome sight to see so many former UB students interested in an event like this.

Some of the UB Alumni attending were from the successful ITU - UB dual diploma program that YEF Founder Matt Yildizlar (BS '87) had helped start almost two decades ago. For Matt it was a particularly proud moment to see so many successful graduates of the dual diploma program and to get a chance to hear about their experiences at UB.

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