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Turkey was hit hard by two major earthquakes on February 6th. These earthquakes, with a magnitude of 7.8 and 7.4 on the Richter scale, respectively, cost the lives of thousands of  Turkish citizens, and cover an area of ​​10 provinces in the South region, where millions of people were affected. The harsh winter conditions makes the rescue and recovery extremely difficult.


We are in great sadness and offer our condolences to all the people in the region and country who have been greatly affected by this tragedy.

To put the size and enormity of the devastation into perspective just look at the map to the right!

Consider having very little electricity, water, internet and gas in NY, NJ, Philadelphia, Washington and Maryland.

25% of the 80 million of the population live in this area. It is an enormous undertaking for the rescue efforts to be effective.

Size of Earthquake.jpg
Much help is needed!

We must all do our part to help the people effected in the region. As such we decided to ask our YEF donors, friends and family to consider sending donation through TPF - Turkish Philantrophy Funds which is the leading U.S. community foundation for high-impact social investments dedicated to Turkish and Turkish-American communities. Since 2007, TPF has mobilized over $55M and has invested over $28M in grants with partners focused on addressing economic, social, and environmental needs in Turkey and around the world. By providing support to realize the philanthropic vision of individuals, families, and corporations, TPF donors and partners have reached thousands of families and directly funded over 300 projects.

TPF already raised over $6 million with a goal to raise $10 million to help the victims of this terribel tragedy.

You can donate directly on their website by clicking on this link

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