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Our 2022 YEF Scholarship Recipient honored on July 18th

Former UB Alumni, YEF board members, friends and supporters gathered to honor our newest YEF scholarship recipient Yazgı at Da Mario restaurant in Istanbul.

The evening was filled with laughter and lots of interesting conversations about life, education and more....

We are delighted to send off our student to the University at Buffalo and wish her best of luck in her studies and her future endeavors.


Thank you to YEF for their support to young people as they embark on their college journey! YEF has proven what an impact education makes in a person’a life!

We are so grateful to YEF and its Founder, Matt Yildizlar for his dedication to the new recipient, Yazgi’s education. We will do our best to support YEF’s mission.


Zeynep U.

YEF-YAZGI AKATA_Dinner02.jpg

seated from left to right: Matt Yildizlar (YEF Founder), Yazgi Akata (YEF recipient),

Büsra Cebeci (SUNY Program Director in Turkey), Basak Kizildemir (UB Alumnus),

Nevin Mutlu (Former YEF student & YEF Advisory Board member), Alp Figen (UB Alumnus), Füsun Yildizlar, Emrah Keles (Former YEF student & YEF Advisory Board member),

Melek Demir (Yazgı's mom)

missing from photo: Nilüfer Kavaklı (Darüssafaka High School Principal), Emre Colak (Former YEF student & YEF Advisory Board member), Burcak Karakaya (Darüssafaka Non-Profit organization representative)

YEF-YAZGI AKATA_Dinner01.jpg
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